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(CSC-3546) Project Controls Reporting: Having the Message Heard

In order to receive proof of CEU credits, you must watch this presentation in its entirety and complete the survey.

Level: Basic
TCM Section(s): 11.3. Information Management
Venue: 2020 AACE International Conference & Expo

Abstract: Project controls reports during the lifecycle of a project are critical to helping the management team understand how the project is performing from a productivity, progress, schedule, and cost perspective.These reports provide not only information about performance to date but forecast the likely outcomes at the completion of work.However, all too often the critical messages in project controls reports are not heard or even worse ignored, negating the benefit they provide in helping the team manage the project to a more successful outcome.These reports often lack the necessary attributes to ensure the message is heard by the management team such that they act on it.Best practice project controls reporting depends on having the right content, issued in a timely manner, formatted well, with the issues identified and recommendations provided where possible.A well-structured, well delivered project controls report is more likely to resonate with the management team and have the impact it should on their decision making.