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(CSC-3787) Schedule Delays: Why They Happen & How to Avoid Them

Level: Basic
TCM Section(s):
7.2. Schedule Planning and Development
Venue: 2022 AACE International Conference & Expo

Abstract: The paper will present the need to develop a credible baseline schedule, the tools to maintain a hierarchy-driven schedule program where development of the schedule proceeds from top- or summary-level to bottom- or detailed-level schedules. It will further discuss the causes of schedule delays and the necessary mechanisms to avoid such delays. Schedule development normally ranges from the management-level summary schedules to the working-hands-level detailed schedules. Additionally, the validation and maintenance of the schedule program must be driven bottom to top, maintaining schedule integrity at each level. This paper will present illustrations of standard logic networks that will help project personnel develop logic-, duration-, and resource-driven schedules. It will then discuss project internal, and project external causes of schedule delays and which tools must be in place to avoid logic- and duration-driven critical-path schedule delays and resource-driven cumulative schedule delays. The paper will conclude by addressing key issues like schedule integrity, timely critical-path analysis, and the expeditious resolution of the resulting action items. The paper will further touch upon pertinent advances in the scheduling field, including 4D planning, emerging data analysis techniques, the use of drones and satellites in site and plot-plan development, and the use of onsite cameras to record project progress.