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(OWN-2800) Owner's Role in Construction Productivity and Schedule Constructability

The project owner is the first one penalized in the case of late delivery due to project delays. Applying effective project monitoring and control gives the owner more confidence in the progress figures reported by the contractor. The project owner should not wait until the project is 90% completed to receive progress figures on the remaining 10% of the project which may take another 90% to be completed. Several contract terms and conditions obligate the contractor to report to the owner labor and equipment productivity and construction challenges and risks. This paper describes the basics of construction productivity and schedule constructability, the direct relationship between the two, and the benefits, both project related and business related, of the owner's team evaluating these two elements. In addition, the paper provides several practical examples from the construction of industrial projects that demonstrate the “how” of productivity measurement and schedule constructability review by an owner's project team.