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(OWN-3229) What if the System Doesn't Fit? (A Proposal for Classifying Nuclear Tooling & Maintenance Project Estimates Using GAO’s Technical Readiness Assessment)

Level: Advanced
Venue: 2019 AACE International Conference & Expo, June 16-19, 2019, New Orleans, LA, USA

Abstract: The recent trend of the Canadian nuclear industry is a greater reliance and incorporation of industry best practices for cost estimate preparation and development. Owners and operators are explicitly calling for internal and vendor estimates to be prepared and submitted in compliance to AACE 18R-97, Cost Estimate Classification System – As Applied in Engineering, Procurement, and Construction for the Process Industries. Recommended practice AACE 18R-97 is the most applicable estimate classification system document that can be utilized for this effort However, not all projects in the nuclear industry proceed from the scope defining documents and deliverables relied upon in 18R-97 for the maturity level of project definition. For example, projects related to the design and production of custom tooling, supporting on-going maintenance and operations, in nuclear facilities, don’t comply (verbatim) with AACE 18R-97.

This paper presents a proposal, which seeks to correlate the technical assessment process using the nine technology readiness levels presented in the GAO technology readiness assessment guide in AACE 18R-97 estimate classification system. The aim of the proposal is to provide guidance to companies seeking to produce cost estimates for tooling projects in the nuclear industry, such that they can demonstrate estimate development and characterization in compliance with AACE total cost management expectations.