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(OWN-1301) Project Controls Systems Implementation for Owners

Primary Author: Mr Aftab Ahmad
Co-author(s): Ms Peggy Chao

Audience Focus: Intermediate
Application Type: Application
Venue: 2013 AACE International Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, USA

Abstract: To effectively manage a portfolio of global megaprojects, owners require timely and accurate information from contractors and owner teams to perform project health checks and forecasts. This entails the implementation of project control systems, standardization of various cost, schedule, and progress information, and integration between systems. For owners, it is essential for project controls systems to have both the flexibility to accommodate numerous contractors’ data and the structure to provide accurate and useful reports for strategic decision-making. This paper explains the overall systems implementation from an actual owners’ point of view. The setup of the owner team, contracting strategies and coding structures will be discussed within the system setup process. From identification and selection of software to technical support and maintenance, this paper will highlight key aspects to achieve successful coordination between procedures and technology.