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(PM-1903) Improving Productivity through Lean Construction Implementation in a Pipeline Project

Primary Author: Mr Jeancarlo Duran Maica CCP EVP
Co-Author(s): Mr Paul Alexander Villanueva PE

Audience Focus: Basic
Application Type: Research
Venue: 2015 AACE International Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Abstract: Productivity in construction projects is defined as the ratio between output and resources used to obtain it. Although improvement is usually associated with an increase in the Cost Performance Index (CPI), the truth is that it is one of the best techniques to increase the Schedule Performance Index (SPI) on a delayed project. Poor productivity ends up being, in most cases, the trigger for a project that does not meet the project contractual completion date. Lean construction’s main objective is to increase the value of and reduce the loss in a construction project. In this sense, this paper aims to clarify the different causes that lead to low productivity in a Pipeline Project in South America. The results of implementing Lean Construction techniques and Earned Value Measurements to improve productivity in three critical path activities of the project: filling sand bed, pipe installation and trench backfilling are examined.