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(PS-2744) Enhanced Evaluation of Schedule Updates

The ability to understand the impact that changed or new schedule logic has on a project schedule is critical in Project Management. AACE current Recommended Practice 53R06 “Schedule Update Review – As Applied in Engineering, Procurement, and Construction” provides guidelines for project schedulers in creating a schedule update and for project reviewers to assess the reasonableness of changes in a schedule update. Since the latest version of this Recommended Practice was issued, software is being used by project teams to perform a more enhanced analysis of the reasonableness and accuracy of a schedule update. This practical applications paper demonstrates how to review schedule updates using these programs by reviewing the capabilities of Deltek Acumen Fuse. Often, changes to a schedule are described in a schedule narrative or buried in a ‘claim digger’ style comparison report, so impact of these changes is not always clear or understood. Modern analytical programs make it possible to see the impacts and risk associated with changes made to schedules. This enhanced evaluation of progress, changes, and revisions to schedule logic will allow the Project team to understand the challenges a project faces.