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(PS-2816) Liars and Schedules

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A schedule is a road map made by the project planner/scheduler that should guide those involved toward the project execution. However, without the full engagement of project stakeholders in the schedule development, the final document will lack the execution team ownership and will merely serve as a target for criticism.

In line with these requirements, this paper will address: Roles and responsibilities of the project team members that would ensure the success of the planning/scheduling effort, requirements and objectives for the development of a plan/schedule, the role of the planner/scheduler in ensuring that stakeholders are actively engaged in the schedule development and reviews, and the big picture as the driver of the schedule.

In addition. the success of a project planner/scheduler and his/her role as a key partner in the project execution requires that he/she be a team integrator. Otherwise, the schedule will not be useful as the road map for project execution.