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(PS-3584) Gap Analysis: Recommended Practices vs. TCM Framework

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Venue: 2020 AACE International Conference & Expo

Abstract: Over the last twelve months, the Planning & Scheduling subcommittee, led by its RP Coordinator, Jessica Colbert, has performed a gap analysis between the TCM Framework Section 7.2 Schedule Planning and Development and the AACE Recommended Practices (RPs) that currently reference that chapter and its sub-chapters.The AACE Technical Board has requested that all subcommittees prepare a similar gap analysis, an evaluation which has two ultimate goals: (1) to ensure that all areas of the TCM Framework are supported by and expanded upon with published, peer-reviewed recommended practices, and (2) to ensure that existing published recommended practices are coordinated and aligned with each other when they address the same subsection within the TCM Framework.

The gap analysis that has been performed to date by the P&S subcommittee addressed the first goal of this larger project and has successfully identified subsections of the TCM Framework Section 7.2 that are not covered by any currently published RPs.The subcommittee has also identified potential overlaps in content across existing RPs.In this presentation, the P&S Subcommittee RP Coordinator will present the process developed and utilized to perform the initial gap analysis, the findings of the evaluation for TCM Section 7.2, the challenges encountered, and their recommendations for future actions by all subcommittees within AACE International.