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(PS-1361) (Panel Discussion) The Great Debate: Is CPM Past Its Prime?

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Primary Author: Mr Patrick M Kelly PE PSP
Co-author(s): Mr Mark F Nagata PSP; Mr Mark C Sanders PE CFCC; Ms Carmelita Thorndike PSP

Audience Focus: Basic
Application Type: Application
Venue: 2013 AACE International Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, USA

Abstract: For more than 50 years, CPM scheduling has been expanding in the engineering and construction industry, becoming the dominant scheduling technique for complex projects. However, as the technique has spread, criticism of its application has followed. Ten years ago, some of the most experienced CPM practitioners could not see the logic in many CPM schedules and advocated a return to fundamentals. Other experts have designed enhancements and variations on existing CPM techniques; while others have dismissed CPM as cumbersome and advocated other scheduling techniques for better collaboration, transparency, and ease of use.
Will CPM be the dominant planning and scheduling technique of the next 50 years, or will it be displaced? Will the use of agile, critical chain, GPM, or lean techniques come to dominate? The audience must decide whether they believe the quality of CPM schedules will improve or decrease, and whether CPM will continue to dominate or be overtaken by another method.