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(PS-1098) Reducing Risk of a Recovery Schedule through Resource Loading

Primary Author: Mr Gregory B Lee CCC PSP Portage Inc

Audience Focus: Advanced
Application Type:
Venue: 2012 AACE International Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX, USA

Abstract: Delays are unavoidable caveats that most construction projects face. Some unfortunate projects experience extensive delays that cause the schedule to slip well beyond the baseline completion date and there is no realistic chance of completing the project on-time. For these unfortunate projects, the schedule is often revamped in conjecture with one or multiple schedule acceleration strategies to create a recovery schedule in order to minimize the effects of the delays which often affix liquidated damages. Accelerating the schedule inevitably increases the risk to the project; although, there are alternative measures that can be taken to ensure the recovery schedule has the highest probability of success. Resource loading can provide realistic duration analysis, resource limits, and productivity factors. By integrating the information extracted through the resource-loading process, the recovery schedule becomes more precise. This article describes the use of resource-loading (labor hours) for a recovery schedule in order to minimize the risk to the project while significantly increasing the chances of successfully achieving the completion date.