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(PS-2286) Last Planner System and the Construction Project Schedule

Primary Author: Dr. Heather Eilers
Co-Author(s): Matthew Morrow; Will Parco

Audience Focus: Intermediate
Application Type: Practice
Venue: 2016 AACE International Annual Meeting, Toronto, ON, Canada

Abstract: This practical applications paper investigates how construction projects can implement the Last Planner System and maintain an accurate contractual project schedule. A brief overview and implementation strategy of the Last Planner System as a Lean construction management tool is provided. Steps for establishing and maintaining an accurate schedule while aligning Last Planner System planning information with the master schedule are discussed. Project planning benefits of embracing the entire Last Planner System includes increasing buy-in from stakeholders, regular monitoring of a schedule, and maintenance of the construction plan. This paper uses actual projects as references, and Primavera P6 as the software application.