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Your journey towards excellence begins here. As a cherished member of AAHA, we're thrilled to offer you a dynamic and engaging educational platform tailored to your professional development.

Unlock your potential with our comprehensive suite of RACE-approved and general education CE courses—curated exclusively for AAHA members & the entire veterinary community. Dive into a world of knowledge designed for veterinarians, technicians, practice managers, and all pivotal players in veterinary healthcare. Our learning formats are as diverse as your learning preferences, including interactive modules, real cases, insightful podcasts, informative webinars, and more.

Experience the enhanced AAHA Learning with our sleek new interface, designed for intuitive navigation and a seamless learning experience. Explore our enriched course library, now featuring fresh, updated content that reflects the latest in veterinary medicine. And, elevate your practice with our esteemed AAHA Guidelines Certificates.

With AAHA Learning, you're not just staying ahead of the curve—you're defining it. Join us and redefine what it means to be at the forefront of veterinary excellence.


End of Life Care Guidelines Certificate
This program is a comprehensive course designed for veterinary professionals seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge in providing compassionate and effective end-of-life care for companion animals.

Pain Management Guidelines Certificate
This course is designed for the whole team and includes items such as: comparing the signs of chronic and acute pain in cats and dogs, how to utilize appropriate pain management tools and therapies, how to collaborate with your team and clients, and much more.

Anesthesia Safety and Monitoring Guidelines Certificate
Through competency-based learning objectives based on our trusted, peer-reviewed AAHA Anesthesia and Monitoring Guidelines for Dogs and Cats, you can improve your skill set, communication, and client compliance for better anesthetic outcomes.

Nutrition Guidelines Certificate
In addition to temperature, pulse, respiration, and pain, nutrition is the fifth vital assessment in every physical exam. While you cannot control a pet's genetics or home environment, you can provide specific nutrition recommendations to your clients. This certificate course equips you with everything you need, from nutrition plans and assessments to handling challenging conversations.

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