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MDS Prognosis: Understanding IPSS and IPSS- R Scores

Dr. Ryan Mattison, a hematologist from the University of Wisconsin, explains the previous classification models that led to a better understanding of MDS through the IPSS and IPSS-R scoring systems tools. Dr. Mattison also discusses the current diagnostic criteria of MDS and uses a combination of lecture and case studies to present the most current thinking on the IPSS and IPSS-R scoring tools for MDS treatment. He also discusses the prognostic factors that are used to determine the stage of your MDS diagnosis such as, blood counts, the appearances of your bone marrow, and chromosomal changes, as well as how your healthcare provider determines your prognosis.

By the end of this program, you will understand:

  • The difference between high-risk and low-risk MDS
  • The importance of the IPSS and revised IPSS and how it provides a framework of your prognosis
  • The role of gene mutations as additional disease factors

This program is brought to you by Celgene and Takeda