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Promoting Vaginal Birth for Those with Obesity; Reducing Iatrogenic Harm

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This presentation will provide participants with research evidence to
support holisticassessment of individuals of size and provide supportive
care based on prepregnancy health,not solely body mass index (BMI)
measurement. This presentation will review the definitions ofobesity, its
physiology, the multiple environmental and social contributors to obesity,
includingsystemic racism, and potential effects on perinatal health. A
perinatal adaptation of theEdmonton Obesity Staging System will be used
along with case studies to assess obesity-related risk to plan prenatal
screening needs, place of birth, and prophylactic treatments.Participants
will have practice in case-based assessment related to prepregnancy
obesity thatwill assist in expanding practices to welcome individuals of size,
reduce unnecessarytreatments, and increase their opportunities for vaginal

November 15, 2023
Wed 7:00 PM EST

Duration 1H 0M

This live web event has ended.

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