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American College of Nurse-Midwives

Welcome to the ACNM’S Learning Management System

The LMS is your portal to professional development. With content designed by and for midwives, the LMS provides access to continuing education content anytime, anywhere you need it!

Special Note

Build out for the LMS is ongoing! Transcripts and purchases are being added daily as we sort through them. Please have patience as this process must be done carefully and takes some time. We appreciate your consideration!
If you have any trouble please submit a request to the  LMS Contact form.


Play by Play: What's Done & What's Next!

What's Done!

  • Upload of all webinar purchases and certificates from 2021 - 2022
  • Upload of all JMWH CE offerings & certificates
  • Upload of all current First Assist Packages
  • Upload of all upcoming ACNM webinar events
  • All 67th Annual Meeting Certificates
  • All 66th Annual Meeting Certificates 

What's Next?

  • 65th Annual Meeting Certificates
  • 64th Annual Meeting Certificates 
  • 63rd Annual Meeting Certificates 
  • 2020 Diversity & Inclusion Conference Certificates
  • 2021 Midwifery Works Certificates 
  • 2020 Webinar purchases & certificates 

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