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Infant feeding plan in the context of bipolar disorder and/or history of postpartum psychosis: an interdisciplinary patient centered approach


This webinar will include a brief overview of evidence-based treatment options for birthing people with Bipolar Spectrum Disorder (BPSD) and/or hx of postpartum psychosis (PPP), risks and mitigating factors for postpartum manic, depressive, and psychosis relapse, and review evidence related to BPSD and PPP treatment and recommended infant feeding. This base knowledge will be used to then discuss an interdisciplinary patient-centered approach to developing individualized postpartum feeding plan for birthing people with BSDP and/or history of postpartum psychosis that optimizes maternal and infant outcomes and patient satisfaction by providing informed choice and prioritizing patient autonomy .

August 28, 2024
Wed 7:00 PM EDT

Duration 1H 0M

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