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Digital Health For Practicing Clinicians: A Certificate Program

The Digital Medicine Society (DiMe) and Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine - Digital Health Track (RVU-DHT), in collaboration with the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians (ACOFP), has developed foundational educational content for the current and future practicing clinicians who provide exceptional care in the digital era of healthcare. Content creation was jointly guided by DiMe and RVU faculty and researched by students at RVU-DHT as some of the first physicians trained specifically in digital health.

The course features eight modules, each with a pre- and post-test, as well as a final exam to test your knowledge and competency at the end of the course. Each module is expected to take around 30–40 minutes to complete for a total of approximately five contact hours plus the final exam. The eight modules consist of:

  1. Introduction to Digital Health
  2. Evaluative Frameworks for Selecting Technology for Patients and Clinics
  3. Best Practices for Telemedicine
  4. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
  5. Integrating Digital Health Technologies into Clinical Care
  6. Patient Advocacy in Digital Health
  7. Consumer Health Informatics
  8. Health Equity and Ethics in the Digital Age

Learning Objectives
Upon the successful completion of this eight-part course, learners will:
  • Obtain an overview of digital health and understand the differences between digital health, digital medicine, and digital therapeutics.
  • See how new, patient-centered approaches to evaluating digital health products can lead to safe, effective, equitable, and ethical patient care.
  • Understand the changing roles of clinicians with technology and how digital medicine tools can support the evolving future of healthcare.
  • Realize new opportunities for efficiently acquiring new skills and incorporating “digital” into patient care.
  • Learn best practices for how to integrate digital medicine and digital therapeutic products into real-life clinical settings.

The target audience for the certificate program is current or future healthcare professionals interested in expanding their knowledge of using digital health in a clinical care and practice setting. This course will also be of interest to those individuals who are involved with patient care, including but not limited to nurse practitioners, registered nurses, pharmacists, physician assistants, and licensed social workers.

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