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From Cradle to Grave: An Intergenerational Perspective

Keynote Speaker: Brad Blair

  • Panel 1: Recreation and Socialization – Speakers include Calvin Poole, Griffin Pinkow, Jay Humphrey, Holly Heavner
  • Panel 2: Lifelong Leraning: Skills for Independence – Speakers include Lovell Pratcher, Amy Shore, Genie Velasquez
  • Panel 3: Stages of Adjustment for Different Stages of Life – Speakers include Pam Harris, Christina Clift, Allison Clougherty
TNAER and the TNAER Conference 2024 is about services and resources in TENNESSEE.
We invite discussion and learning specifically to help our state’s professionals to fully utilize our expertise in order to better serve our consumers and stakeholders – our students, clients, patients, other professionals on our teams, and families.
To make our state conferences truly relevant and special, we move beyond typical show-and-tell presentations, from which we benefit at other conferences and presentations. Instead, we answer the question, "How willing are we to work toward meaningful goals together, as dedicated colleagues in Tennessee?"
This conference’s goal is to take meaningful information provided to help produce more robust, useful, and reliable communication opportunities for our professionals to bring the people we serve what they need.. Anything shared during panel discussions may be used to inform TNAER’s contributions to this process.
Conference Committee Chair: Christie Elliott
Committee Members: Heather McDonough, Meredith Bailey, Griffin Pinkow, Genie Velasquez, Lovell Pratcher and Larisa DeZayas
TN AER Board of Directors: Larisa DeZayas, Genie Velasquez, Christie Elliott, Meredith Bailey, Patience Piesecki, Karen McKinney, Heather McDonough, Dr. Allen Huang, Dr. Rachel Schles

Discussions will address how the people we serve are impacted over the course of their lifetimes, and how we can work together to make every stage better by supporting each other across delivery models.