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Part 2: Working with Students on COVID Accommodations

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This panel will examine the logistics of creating COVID-related accommodations. Representatives from the disability offices of several schools will offer their perspectives on issues such as: What medical documentation may be required to support COVID accommodation requests? Could there be a separate form/process for COVID requests, apart from other disability requests? How might requests for exemptions to vaccine and mask policies be handled? Are housing accommodations for COVID-related reasons ever warranted? And any other accommodation issues and questions you face.

The processes and procedures underlying how disability offices should handle these decisions will be discussed, with the inherent assumption that in many cases there is no one right decision: different conclusions may be reached by different schools depending on particular circumstances. The important part is that the proper process was followed to get there! Join this panel to hear them describe theirs.


  • Jamie Axelrod

    Jamie Axelrod, M.S. is the Director of Disability Resources at Northern Arizona University and Past-President of AHEAD. Jamie presents regularly on topics related to disability access and higher education, having expertise in disability law and policy, communication and information technology (ICT) access, and the reasonable accommodation process. Jamie is a regular and well-respected contributor to professional listservs, including AHEAD’s discussion boards, and is a go-to consultant for complex issues. He has worked for the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s athletic department, as a mental health therapist, and for Protection and Advocacy Systems, Inc., a disability rights advocacy law firm where he served as an advocate for individuals with disabilities who were claiming that their civil rights had been violated. Jamie has served as co-chair of Northern Arizona University’s Commission on Disability Access and Design and on AHEAD’s Board of Directors.

  • Adam Crawford

    Adam Crawford is an Assistant Director at Student Life Disability Services at The Ohio State University. Adam has 8 years of experience in the disability resources field. He received his Bachelor’s in Sociology and his Master’s in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Missouri State University. Adam currently serves as the President-Elect for Ohio AHEAD.

  • Enjie Hall

    Enjie Hall, M.R.C. is the Director of Campus Accessibility and Student Disability Services at the University of Toledo in Ohio, the University’s ADA Compliance Officer, and a Director At-Large on AHEAD’s Board of Directors. Enjie previously worked at The Ohio State University in the Student Life Office for Disability Services and is a licensed professional counselor. She has presented at local, state, and national conferences on a variety of topics relating to services for disabled students, moving beyond compliance to full inclusion, and assistive technology.

  • Ian Kunkes

    Ian Kunkes, M.S., is the Director of Student Accessibility and Educational Opportunity and a co-founder and chair of the Transforming Accessibility Initiative at Virginia Commonwealth University. Over a 15-year career supporting disabled students, Ian has worked in a range of educational settings, including higher ed, public and private secondary and post-secondary schools, and high-stakes educational testing. He has been a featured speaker at national and regional AHEAD events and the Post-Secondary Training Institute and regularly contributes to professional publications and community boards. Ian offers, “The global and social events of the 2020 and 2021 have caused a seismic shift the work we, disability service providers, do. Our roles on campus have been elevated to greater levels of importance and visibility as we are increasingly sought out to provide input in major institutional decisions. The opportunity we now have to embed our philosophy of equity, inclusion, and access into all aspects of the institution should serve as a mission that guides our path forward.”

June 17, 2021
Thu 3:00 PM EDT

Duration 2H 0M

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