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Spring 2024: Diagnostic Assessment and Professional Judgment For Learning Disabilities and Attention Disabilities

Welcome to our course. Class starts February 12th.

Topics related to diagnostic assessment and documentation of disabilities have always been popular with members of AHEAD and other disability resource and service professionals in higher education settings. This facilitated, self-guided class will give you an opportunity to delve more deeply into concepts and practices around the nature and goals of the assessment of disabilities to help inform your professional judgement in working with students. We welcome your active participation in the class.

Course Objective & Structure

This class includes 8 weekly modules, pre- and post-tests and a session that goes over post-test answers. Modules will generally include a video presentation, readings (mostly in the form of case studies), activities and class discussions. The course Instructor will give feedback in module discussions and on submitted assignments at various times through the course. A Certificate of Completion will be available for students who finish the entire course.

By the end of the course, participants will:

  • Be able explain the “true” purpose of diagnostic assessment focusing on learning disabilities and attention disabilities;
  • Be able to describe the three (3) main levels of (disability-related) diagnostic information;
  • Be able to evaluate the usefulness of acquired disability-related psycho-educational diagnostic information and whether more information is needed;
  • Be able to operationalize disability-related diagnostic assessment information to ensure “equal” access to academic programs;
  • Be able to successfully utilize Professional Judgment as part of interacting with incoming students during “needs” assessments.

For each module, participants are expected to:

  1. View presentation video, if part of the module
  2. Complete required reading
  3. Interact with fellow participants by posting messages regularly using the discussion forum, which furthers the discussion (this is in addition to answering the initial assignments)
  4. Complete module activities

Class Discussions

  1. For each module you will have a discussion prompt that will focus on a different aspect of diagnostic testing reports. The Discussions feature typically appears towards the bottom of each Module section.
  2. While your attendance is not required, you are encouraged to join to share your ideas and experience, to ask questions and learn from your peers. Tip: You might want to respond to the Discussion questions before you watch the videos or do the assignments, and then again afterwards to share any new information that you learned in each module.

Information About Taking an AHEAD Academy Course & Registering

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Starting the Course

Access to Module 1 of this course will be available here for all fully paid registrants beginning on Monday, September 11, 2023 at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time. Access to the course or instructor will not be available after November 17, 2023