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It's About Time, Part II: A Panel Discussion About Requests for Extra Time for Assignments and Additional Absences

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This webinar offers an opportunity to hear from disability professionals from a variety of school types and office sizes describing how they evaluate and implement accommodations that require interaction with faculty. When offices have to say no to students who request this accommodation, how do they do it? What other accommodations or supports may be offered to those students? When the accommodation is approved, how is the communication structured? How do understaffed offices find the time for required negotiation with faculty? Are there templates or tricks to help facilitate and expedite the work? Join this conversation to hear how other offices are handling this complicated issue. This webinar will be two hours long, to allow plenty of time for discussion and Q&A.


  • Jamie Axelrod

    Jamie Axelrod, M.S. is the Director of Disability Resources at Northern Arizona University and a past-president of AHEAD. Jamie presents regularly on topics related to disability access and higher education, having expertise in disability law and policy, communication and information technology (ICT) access, and the reasonable accommodation process. Jamie is a respected contributor to professional listservs, having received the Fink-Ryan Award for the quality of his guidance, and a go-to consultant for complex issues. He has worked for the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s athletic department, as a mental health therapist, and for Protection and Advocacy Systems, Inc., a disability rights advocacy law firm where he served as an advocate for individuals with disabilities who were claiming that their civil rights had been violated. Jamie has served as co-chair of Northern Arizona University’s Commission on Disability Access and Design and on AHEAD’s Board of Directors.

  • Antonia DeMichiel

    Antonia DeMichiel currently serves as a Disability Specialist in the Student Disability Services office at the University of San Francisco, where she also earned her Master’s in Higher Education and Student Affairs. Antonia has worked in Disability Services for five years at a variety of institution types including a public university and a small, private arts college. Her professional practice is deeply informed by her lived experience as a physical disabled woman and the principles of the social model of disability. She has previously presented at the NASPA Western Regional Conference and AHEAD on topics related to provision of services and disabled identity. Her chapter on her lived experience of tokenization among Disability Services staff appears in the book DISABLED Faculty and Staff in Higher Education: Intersecting Identities and Everyday Experience, edited by Dr. Mary Lee Vance and Dr. Beth Harrison.

  • Adam Meyer

    Adam Meyer is the Director of the Student Accessibility Services at the University of Central Florida. He has past experiences at Eastern Michigan University and at Saint Louis University while serving in this field since 2004. Adam was previously part of a national US Department of Education grant that explored ways in which concepts of social justice could be more regularly and routinely incorporated into the operations of the disability services office. Adam has presented at numerous conferences and multiple other AHEAD and AHEAD affiliate venues on rethinking documentation, social model of disability and office implementation, effective initial student interviews and interactive process facilitation, disability language and various leadership and influence strategies for disability office personnel. Adam served on the Association for Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) Board of Directors, now serves on the AHEAD external review team for campus program evaluations, and also does consulting and presentations with other disability offices and their campuses.

  • Michelle Mitchell

    Michelle Mitchell has worked over her lifetime to liberate others from barriers and provide a sense of belonging. Throughout Michelle’s story, she has impacted these two causes both personally and professionally: through advocacy in her K-12 school years, barrier removal in her higher education experience as she obtained her Baccalaureate and Master’s degree in Rehabilitation counselling, to creating a culture of belonging by implementing the first community college IPSE in Pennsylvania. Michelle does not shy away from hard work, and is a “bulldog” when she passionately believes in something. To Michelle, creating a meaningful experience that leads to a meaningful existence for ALL people is essential to our society’s survival. As a result, her nickname is the “Velvet Hammer.”

  • Jenifer Montag

    Jenifer Montag, Ed.D. is the director of Disability Services, working to facilitate access and inclusion for college students with disabilities. Her research is on facilitating accommodations for disabled students who are enrolled in a college’s education program within the prison setting. With over 20 years of disability service experience in a variety of higher education institutions, she appreciates the challenge of providing accommodations in the highly secure, non-standard learning environment of the prisons.

  • Kristy Harte

    Kristy Harte serves as Director of Accessibility Resources for the University at Buffalo, in Buffalo, NY. In Kristy’s 16 years providing and promoting access at UB she has served on various committees, both statewide in New York, and locally in Buffalo, that bring attention to college readiness and transition to higher education. Being a former School Counselor, Kristy has always been interested in student transition into the University, through the University, and onto the student’s next goals.

April 17, 2024
Wed 2:00 PM EDT

Duration 2H 0M

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