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2024 Master Class - Organizational Health Training for School Leaders

Organizational health is the single best road to retaining employees and delivering a high-quality product. Independent schools are no different. Your school is a business, yet most school leaders have never had proper business training. The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni may even be on your bookshelf right now, but most school leaders haven’t had the time to read it.

Join us for this 6-part series. We will take the lessons from The Advantage and apply them to serving as leaders and running our schools in smarter and more efficient ways. As an Admission and Enrollment professional, you serve as a key influencer in your school's long-term health success. While your role in the school may not be directly tied to running the school, you can be a catalyst given your role as a key member of the leadership team.

After each session, you will walk away with practical, concrete, and applicable tools to help you manage your team and reinforce the organizational health of your school. Anyone interested in school leadership or who currently manages a team will surely benefit.

  • We encourage participants to commit to attending all classes live , however all registrants will be emailed access to presentation recordings and resources within 1 business day after the live sessions.

Course Outline

Session 1: The Competitive Advantage: What Organizational Health Means and How to Get Started
Tuesday, April 9

We will learn the core principles of organizational health, and how they are the #1 competitive advantage for any business model. We will look at the 4 disciplines of a healthy organization:

  • Establishing a strong leadership team
  • Creating clarity
  • Communicating clarity
  • Reinforcing clarity

This is where it all begins. We will audit our own leadership teams to identify pain points in our schools and begin to identify how to address them. Leaders will walk away from Session 1 with concrete templates for how to create a strong leadership team and steps for how to begin.

Session 2: Building a Burnout Free Team
Tuesday, April 16
We will introduce the productivity tool, The Six Types of Working Genius, and guide how your understanding of this model will build a more productive team, minimize burnout, and create a positive work environment.

Session 3: Gaining Clarity on Building a Strong Structure
Thursday May 2
There are 6 critical questions that help us establish clarity around our organization and how we operate. We will learn the questions and answer them for each of our schools. We will focus most intently on creating clear, shared language to establish clarity on our leadership teams. Creating clarity around how we operate will help create alignment and increase staff loyalty. Participants will walk away with a dashboard for creating clear language for their leadership teams.

Session 4: Building Up Our Team
Thursday May 16 (new date)
We will explore the model of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team to understand what goes into creating a strong leadership team:

  1. Building Trust: What it means and why it matters
  2. Engaging in Conflict: Having productive and open conversations
  3. Achieving Commitment on your team
  4. Accountability: How to hold your team accountable to goals
  5. Attention to Results: Simple, effective systems to keep everyone focused and on track

We will conduct a self-assessment of our teams and analyze where to begin. We will practice concrete systems for leaders to build a strong leadership team.

Session 5: Building Up Our Team - Part II
Thursday May 23 (new date)
We will dive into the following topics:

1. Exploration of The Ideal Team Player:
     - What behaviors make superstars at our school?
     - How can we translate that to hiring and staff retention?
 2. The Keys to Employee Engagement - A close look at the three core elements of employee engagement with a self-evaluation to determine how you are performing.

Session 6: Making it Stick
Thursday May 30 (new date)
We will discuss how to operationalize everything we learned, create processes to make sure that we have reliable communication flow, and build systems to keep you working efficiently and productively, resulting in low levels of confusion and complexity and high staff morale.

About Faculty Presenter and Content Expert Miriam Stein

Miriam Stein
Founder + Chief Strategist
SaddleRock Strategies

Miriam Stein is the founder of Saddlerock Strategies, a boutique consulting service that works with schools and camps in enrollment strategy, program design and professional development. She has worked in education and in strategic enrollment for more than 20 years. She holds a BA in Jewish History from the University of Pennsylvania, Masters Degrees in Education and in Jewish Studies from George Washington University. She works with schools around the country, and loves helping schools do what they do, better.

CEC's Offered
Continuing Education Credits:

Professional Competency:

L&D 6: Leadership and Professionalism

Notes for Registrants:
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Course Registration Fee (for six sessions):
$395 AISAP Members
$595 Non-Members

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