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01-11-21 How to Set Up Your Financial Aid Committee and the Awarding Process for Success

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January 2021 is here (!) and with it comes a new financial aid season and the need to prepare for this year's awarding process. What steps need to be taken (now!) to set ourselves up for success in the coming months? What communications needs to be sent? Are there financial aid documents, policies, and procedures which need to be updated? How should your school document and distinguish between COVID aid requests and others? Join Alisa Evans of Mission Enrollment for a Step by Step guide on how to get your financial aid house in order and set your school up for a successful financial aid season and awarding process.


  • Alisa Evans

    Managing Partner, Mission Enrollment Strategy Solutions, LLC

    Alisa Evans has been honing financial aid protocols and strategies while assisting independent schools for more than two decades.  She was the Director of Business Development for SSS by NAIS and spent ten years as a regional director and then assistant vice president of market development for a $70 million student loan program that serves the private primary and secondary school market.  Using this methodology, schools have saved an average of $80,000-$100,000 in over-awards after contracting with Mission Enrollment.

    You can reach Alisa at or on her website:

January 11, 2021
Mon 3:00 PM EST

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