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Bow Technician Certification Online Course

The ATA Bow Technician Certification program gives you the knowledge and skills to be a safe and competent bow technician in the archery pro shop setting using the industry standard and best practices.

Upcoming In-Person Practical Assessment Dates:
January 7-10, 2025 (ATA Show - Indianapolis, IN)

Students will sign up for (1) Half Day session to complete their practical, and should be prepared to complete a full bow setup using information from the online course.

The ATA Bow Technician Certification online course includes video content, quizzes, and additional resources covering the following: 
  • Essential Background Knowledge
    • Basics of Proper Shooting Form
    • Compound bow parts, design, and function
    • Understanding draw force curves and arrow speeds
  • Tools of the Trade
    • Safe use of bow shop tools and equipment such as hand tools, draw boards, and bow presses
  • Archery Technician Skills
    • Complete compound bow setup including:
      • Installation of a peep sight, D-loop, arrow rest, sight
      • Bowstring and cable replacement
      • Cam timing, adjusting draw length and draw weight
      • Paper tuning
      • Arrow selection and building
To complete the certification, students must complete all required online course materials and pass an in-person practical assessment. During the practical, students will be required to demonstrate their ability to execute all tasks covered in the online course.


  • On-Demand Access to ALL Course Materials
  • In-person practical assessment with ATA designated instructor(s)
  • ATA Bow Technician Certificate (upon completion of requirements)
  • Supplemental Resource Videos and Documents
  • Access on any device with a web browser


  • $600/person
  • Purchase this course and the Crossbow Technician Certification course for only $995 (Enter Discount Code BOWCOMBO at checkout)
    • Practical Assessments hosted by the ATA are filled on a first come, first serve basis. Online course content must be completed to reserve a practical spot. Enrollment in the program does not guarantee placement at a specific practical session. If less than 25 percent of the course content is completed, you may submit a request without reason via email. Your enrollment fee will be refunded to the original form of payment unless expressly agreed upon otherwise. If 25 percent or more of the course content has been completed, no refunds will be given.