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With the signing of a memorandum of understanding in late 2013, ARPAS and ASAS embarked on a journey that should hold great potential for members of both organizations.  The intent of the memorandum is to pursue opportunities in online education and certification of educational materials.  ARPAS will serve as the “certifying body” for educational content that ASAS currently has in the pipeline, as well as for webinar-type programming (workshops, seminars, newly created education products, etc.) that will become available in the future.  This new effort will provide ARPAS members with greater opportunities for career development and for obtaining continuing educations units (CEUs) to maintain their certification, as well as providing both general educational opportunities and certificate programs for both ASAS and ARPAS members.  Certificate-based learning opportunities also will be available on a fee basis for non-members.  In the years to come, we hope to have similar agreements with other FASS-affiliated societies to further expand the educational content available through this unique web-based platform.