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Advancing Equal Pay for Yourself and the Field

Women in the U.S. still earn on average just $.78 to every dollar earned by men. The gap is even wider for women of color and mothers. This three-part webinar series (March, July and October) features experts from across the association industry discussing strategies to close the gap and will explore Equal Pay Days for women—including the additional hurdles facing Black women and Latinas. Proudly coordinated by representatives from Association Forum’s Women’s Executive Forum™ Program Advisory Group and Welcoming Environment® Committee, and Association Latinos.

In March, see the latest data on the disparity and hear three unique perspectives—equity, HR, and the C-suite—on how to advocate for yourself and be an ally to others.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explore the current state of equal pay/women’s compensation in the U.S. for women and for intersectional groups
  2. Acquire effective tactics women can use to self-advocate for salary and career advancement
  3. Learn how senior leadership and managers/supervisors can help ensure pay equity for women in their employment
The second webinar, Black Women's Equal Pay: Progress, Problems and Possibilities, will be held on July 23. October 1 will be Latina Equal Pay Day: Together, We Say ¡PÁGAME!