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Integrating Nature and Forest Therapy as an Innovative Recreational Therapy Intervention into the Recreational Therapy Process (.15 CEUs)

The session will introduce the therapeutic intervention of nature and forest therapy (NFT) known as forest bathing (i.e., slow mindful and sensory immersion in nature; ‘shinrinyoku’ in Japanese; ‘sanrim-yok’ in Korean), which is still relatively unknown as an enabler of well-being in the recreational therapy field (though established in some Asian cultures). A session presenter will discuss differences and similarities between simply hiking and a wellplanned NFT intervention, followed by differences and similarities among various NFT interventions implemented in Asian and western countries. Empirical evidence on the effectiveness of NFT interventions on various health and well-being domains (e.g., physical, physiological, affective, social) will be provided to session attendants. Guidelines for integrating NFT interventions with a standard sequence into recreational therapy processes (i.e., APIE) and implications for the processes will be discussed. Also, opportunities to engage in NFT interventions will be provided. The overall session will support an evidence-based practice for multi-dimensional health and well-being outcomes among individuals with various health problems (e.g., ADHD, PTSD, depression, OCD, CP, dementia).

Upon completion of the module, participants will be able to:
1. Verbally state two differences and similarities between hiking and nature and forest therapy (NFT) intervention
2. Identify three benefits of NFT interventions being implemented in various countries
3. State five steps to implement a NFT intervention with a standard sequence developed in the U.S.
4. State three diagnostic groups of TR clients that would potentially benefit from NFT interventions