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Therapeutic Use of Sailing for People with Physical Disabilities: Virtual Reality to Reality (.1 CEUs)

Sailing as a recreational therapy intervention addresses physical, cognitive, and psychosocial functional outcomes for people with disabilities. Sailing is also inclusive and with specific adaptations, allows for participation alongside those without disabilities. Virtual Reality Sailing Simulators (VRSSs) can help people with disabilities increase functional skills, sailing skills, and transition such skills into real-life participation by bridging the gap between on-land and on-water sailing. The presenter has a VRSS in her Simulation Lab at East Carolina University in which the purpose is to increase evidence on the therapeutic use of sailing through research. In this module,  participants will learn about sailing and virtual reality sailing as a recreational therapy intervention specifically for people with physical disabilities. They will also learn about current research results and the progression of participants with physical disabilities who have completed the VRSS program and who will be participating in an Adapted Sailing Program (ASP).

Upon completion of the module, participants will be able to:
1. Describe the therapeutic process using sailing as a recreational therapy intervention in rehabilitation, at least two adaptations for sailing, and at least two benefits in each of the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional domains for people with physical disabilities
2. Define virtual reality (VR) simulation, identify at least two trends in VR in recreational therapy, and identify at least two evidence-based outcomes using virtual reality sailing simulation as an intervention
3. Describe at least three evidence-based outcomes from the results of a research study on virtual reality sailing simulation and people with physical disabilities