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Module 1 | Course 2: Existing Building Commissioning

Course 2: Existing Building Commissioning
This course provides instruction on the phases of existing building commissioning (EBCx) including scoping & planning, building walk-through, the EBCx plan, investigation, implementation, handoff and ongoing commissioning.

Lesson 1: Scoping & Planning Phase–Goals & Documents
Lesson 2: Scoping & Planning Phase–Building Walk-Through
Lesson 3: EBCx Plan
Lesson 4: Investigation Phase–Reviewing & Interviewing
Lesson 5: Investigation Phase–Analyzing Facility Performance
Lesson 6: Investigation Phase–Testing, Monitoring & Reporting
Lesson 7: Implementation Phase
Lesson 8: Handoff Phase–Training, System Manuals & Reporting
Lesson 9: Ongoing Commissioning Phase

After completing these lessons, participants will be able to identify all phases of existing building commissioning, describe the commissioning activities performed in each phase and outline a successful EBCx plan.
Individual CEUs and Course Price: 3.75 AIA General LUs