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Live Streaming Trends for 2020: What You Should Be Thinking About

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Live streaming adds a technical element to your event and creates an interactive platform that leaves your audience engaged and entertained, while potentially offering you additional revenue streams. With many face-to-face meetings currently being cancelled or postponed, we also want to cover how to take your in-person event to a fully virtual event.

Bill Mott, CEO of Falcon Events, joins us to talk about some of the biggest trends he’s seeing in 2020. This includes:
  • Taking F2F events virtual, so that you don't have to cancel or postpone your event
  • Peer-to-peer streaming, to reduce enterprise bandwidth congestion
  • Low latency streaming, to increase real-time audience engagement
  • Production improvements, to reduce overall project costs
Bill will also share examples of how these trends have been implemented and be available to answer your questions so that you’re ready to give these trends a shot!
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