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2018 Webinar Recordings Bundle

This package includes all CAS webinars recordings given in 2018.

  1. Big Data in Insurance
  2. Cash Flow Case Reserving and Triangle Restatements
  3. Claim Levels Analytics
  4. Wheels Down
  5. A Watershed Moment: Private Flood Insurance is Here
  6. Impact of ILS on the Reinsurance Market: Past, Present and Future
  7. Making the Most of Catastrophe Modeling in Ratemaking
  8. Opioids, Legalized Marijuana, and Shared Economy: Impacts on Workers Compensation
  9. Automated Vehicles: The Future of Auto Insurance in the Age of Self Driving Cars
  10. What's Driving the P/C Industry? A Look at Economic and Actuarial Trends
  11. Best Estimate Credibility for the Overall Rate Indication
  12. Future of Mobility: Examining the Wide-Ranging Impact of Ridesharing, Carsharing and Autonomous Vehicles on Insurance, the Automobile Industry, and the Mobility Ecosystem
  13. Intelligent Competitive Intelligence
  14. Professionalism Case Studies