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Concrete Career Academy

The Concrete Career Academy is an education coalition of state concrete associations from the Carolinas, Kentucky, and Tennessee. The primary function of the academy is to enhance and advance the careers of everyone within the concrete industry.

As individuals participate in training experiences to move their careers forward, they want to receive something meaningful that validates the rigor, time, and effort they have devoted to developing their professional expertise.

In today’s digitally connected world, a static paper certificate of completion is no longer the most effective way to recognize such dedication, nor does it allow individuals to easily share their credentials across the web with others- namely employers, colleagues or customers. As such, digital badges have become the common currency to recognize and verify completion of training programs and the earning of industry credentials.

Each digital badge icon is embedded with information that details the nature of the training, and can be easily shared on social media networks, resumes, websites, or on email signatures. With this in mind, we will issue digital badges to those individuals who participate in our training programs as a way to verify and validate that they have achieved the highly valued skills and competencies needed for success within our industry.