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Concrete Basics
This course is designed for anyone desiring to learn more about concrete but is especially targeted to ready mix delivery operators and field personnel who work to install ready mix concrete. The material covered in this course lays the foundation for understanding concrete and helping anyone who works with concrete do a better job handling, placing, and finishing this most versatile of all building products.

In addition to the material presented in this online class there is also a recommended text book that will aid persons completing this course. The textbook is “Concrete Fundamentals” and is one of a series published by the American Concrete Institute (also known as a ACI). The series is called the “Concrete Craftsman Series" and the specific designation for the “Concrete Fundamentals” book is CCS–0(16). This book is available from either ACI or directly from the Tennessee Concrete Association (TCA).

Persons completing this course to earn the Concrete Basics Certificate from TCA will be taking assessment tests for each section of the class. Assessments must be successfully completed before proceeding to the next section.

It is important to understand the difference between a certificate and a formal certification. There are numerous formal certifications related specifically to the concrete industry. Both the American Concrete Institute and the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association administer formal certification programs that may be required by the building code or by job-specific specifications in order for individuals to perform certain types of work related to concrete. Other construction industry organizations administer formal certification programs related to other facets of the construction industry. The material covered in this course will aid the learner in preparing for some of these other formal concrete industry certifications but this course is educational in nature and is not intended nor will it serve as a formal certification for the purposes of meeting building code requirements.

Many of the formal certification programs offered by industry organizations are listed below. TCA may offer additional online resources or in-person training classes to help learners prepare for specific certifications. Contact TCA directly for a certification calendar, registration requirements and fees.

ACI Field Testing Technician Grade One (related to Chapter 7 of Concrete Basics)
ACI Flatwork Finisher/Technician (related to most content in Concrete Basics)
ACI Aggregate Testing Technician Level One (not covered)
ACI Strength Testing Technician Level One (not covered)
ACI Adhesive Anchor Installer/Inspector (not covered)
ACI Concrete Construction Special Inspector (not covered)
NRMCA Concrete Delivery Professional (related to Chapters 1-3 of Concrete Basics)
NRMCA Concrete Technologist Level 2 (related to most content in Concrete Basics)
NRMCA Certified Concrete Sales Professional (related to most content in Concrete Basics)
NRMCA Pervious Concrete Contractor (not covered)