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Basic Certificate in the New Testament

“Besides the four Gospels, the canon of the New Testament also contains the epistles of St. Paul and other apostolic writings, composed under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, by which, according to the wise plan of God, those matters which concern Christ the Lord are confirmed, His true teaching is more and more fully stated, the saving power of the divine work of Christ is preached, the story is told of the beginnings of the Church and its marvelous growth, and its glorious fulfillment is foretold.” (DV 20)

Completion of the following six independent study courses:
The Gospel of St. Matthew (SCRPT N066) 1 CEU
The Gospel of St. Mark (SCRPT N067) 1 CEU
The Gospel of St. Luke (SCRPT N068) 1 CEU
The Gospel of St. John (SCRPT N162) 1 CEU
The Acts of the Apostles (SCRPT N061) 1 CEU
The Letters of St. Paul, Part I (SCRPT N174) 1 CEU