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Commercial Hardscape Sales Course

Welcome to the Commercial Hardscape Sales Course.
This course contains 10+ hours of content on pavers and SRWs.

Course Information:

The Commercial Hardscape Sales Course is the next step forward in your career. Designed higher-ranking personnel employed by companies installing segmental concrete pavements and/or segmental retaining walls, this course provides more in-depth knowledge for field leadership. The Concrete Paver Installer Course is recommended, though not required, for this course. The course material assumes that you are somewhat familiar with the installation methods and materials involved in hardscape installations. Completing this course will earn you a certificate after passing an exam.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learners will acquire specialized and sophisticated knowledge from experts across the industry.
  • Specialized job plans, ideas, and recommendations to target the specific markets that the learner is interested in
  • Wide-ranging knowledge of hardscape applications
  • Advanced knowledge of Paver and SRW systems.

Program Benefits:
Benefits for completing this course: You will get advanced and in-demand skills that can help drive your career in the hardscaping industry forward.

This course does NOT qualify for CEUs for CMHA Programs.
All Prices in USD