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Manufactured Stone Veneer Course - Online

This is CMHA’s Online Manufactured Stone Veneer Course
This online course contains 5 modules, as well as the written exam.
You must complete a second portion, which is an in-person and hands-on examination, in order to earn your certificate. Please check out our in-person course calendar or reach out to for more information.

Course Information:
This course will cover the building code requirements and ASTM standards applicable to MSV systems.

Learning Objectives:
- Understand relevant ASTM standards for MSV Installation
- Installation Best Practices for MSV
- Understand common mistakes and why installations commonly fail
- Complete the classroom exam, and prepare for the practical exam.
The MSV course was designed as an in-classroom and hands-on training to showcase the best practices in installing MSV projects, ensuring quality and an enduring installation.

Program Benefits
Benefits for getting and MSV Certificate: can increase your credibility and marketability to customers in your area looking for properly trained MSV installers.

This course will earn 5 CEUs for the Manufactured Stone Veneer Program
All prices in USD.
Note: Most modules can be accessed by clicking into the module and then on the next page's "Launch Content" pane. This opens up the module as a pop-up. Module 1 is the exception, as it is a video.