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An Integrated Approach to Care Management

*** CCM, RN and SW hours ***
Originally presented at 2021 Annual Conference

Opportunities available to individuals as they age or as their needs change has grown considerably in recent years. As the field of in-home care has expanded, we have identified an optimal way to promote successful in-home services and to ensure the highest quality of care. The integration of case management and in-home care is the ideal collaborative approach to ensure optimum in-home care services and positive care outcomes.

Involving a professional case manager in home care services affords the individual a personalized assessment and customized plan of care, ongoing communication and coordination with all members of an individual’s medical and support team, and continued oversight of an individual’s status and safety within the home. The integrated approach to in-home care works to promote compliance and successful adherence to medical recommendations, reduces the risk of injury or falls within the home, improves socialization and healthy outlets, and ensures a care plan is created that addresses all areas of an individual’s personal and health care needs.

  1. Identify and explain the role of the community-based care manager, non-medical in-home care provider, and medical in-home care provider.
  2. Recognize the prevalence of and related issues with unpaid/familial in-home care providers.
  3. Describe the approach, considerations, and benefits of an integrated care management model.