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The Dysfunctional Family: Providing Care in the midst of Drama

**Presented at the 2022 CMSA Annual Conference**
*** RN, CCM and SW credits ***

As Care Managers, we work with a variety of clients, in a variety of settings, for a variety of reasons. However, regardless of the differences between our clients, most have one things in common…family! We as care managers must acknowledge, understand, and make accommodations for their influences. For many, the recent pandemic has created, highlighted, and/or worsened problematic family dynamics. This presentation will guide listeners through an increased understanding of the underlying causes of family conflict, explore the impact negative family dynamics can have on our clients, and discuss solutions to manage familial influences on client care.

  • Identify the key underlying causes for family conflict.
  • Describe the potential effects of conflict on the patient and the ways in which care can be impacted by conflict.
  • Explain strategies to manage the impact of families on client care, including the role of other professionals.