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Collaboration between Case Managers and Physician Advisors - Essential to the Success of Health Care Organizations

Health Care Organizations cannot survive in today’s health care environment without a strong Physician Advisor. This highly skilled professional must have competency in a diverse set of skills, which includes; global clinical knowledge, proficiency in compliance mandates, and expertise in clinical documentation and the effect on coding and billing integrity. The collaborative relationship between Physician Advisor and Case Manager is critical to the health care system and the managed medical organization’s key performance outcomes.


  1. Identify 3-4 key traits of a Physician Advisor in any work setting that employs Case Managers.
  2. Describe the elements of a collaborative relationship between Case managers and Physician Advisors.
  3. List the benefits of a Physician Advisor/Case Manager team in any organization related to patient care.
CEs: 1 hour RN, CCM, SW
Presenter: Mary McLaughlin Davis, DNP, NEA-BC, ACNS-BC, CCM

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$40 non-CMSA attendees