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Who is the Client? The Ethics of Documentation

Every day we interact with our clients, their significant others, members of the treatment team and the community. No matter the setting, some things remain constant; Know Your Client and thorough assessment are the core of professional case management practice. Others rely on case management records for treatment and decision-making beyond our control. Our case management notes, etc. are part of a legal document, whether paper or electronic. As professional case managers, we have both a legal and ethical duty to document, guided by law, the CMSA Standards of Practice for Case Managers and Codes of Professional Conduct. How would anyone know that we have performed our case management role unless our documentation is clear and accurate? In this session, we will examine the nexus of these obligations and practical applications.

  1. Recognize the importance of individualized documentation that reflects the specific needs of each client impacting client and who they are.
  2. Realign documentation with legal mandates, ethical duties, and professional responsibility.
  3. Reflect on the importance of each client and their unique background (DENI), personality and needs.
1 Hr:  RN, SW, CCM Ethics

FREE to CMSA Members
$40 non-CMSA member attendees