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reFRESH FRIDAY: Mindfulness and Contemplative Neuroscience

Research is emerging on the changes within the mind, brain, and body resulting from contemplative practices such as mindfulness-based meditation, tai chi, and yoga. Contemplative Medicine is an interdisciplinary practice that seeks clarify mind-body changes across emotional, behavioral, cognitive, and perceptual domains. Mindfulness meditation has gained in popularity over the last couple of decades, but we now are seeing scientific evidence that supports the impact on the brain.

Join us for 30 minutes of information on why you need mindfulness and the science behind it. Then, stay for 10 minutes of mindfulness exercises. 


  1. Define contemplative medicine and practice examples.
  2. Define the practice of mindfulness meditation.
  3. Describe the mind-body changes discovered in recent research.
CE:   30 minutes CCM
Presenter: Rebecca Perez, MSN, RN, CCM, FCM

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