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Assessing How IT Infrastructure has Impacted Case Management Practices Over the Last Decade

This Webinar will highlight key trends showcasing how IT systems have improved and challenged case management (CM) practice over the past decade. The presenters are part of a research team that has explored a wide variety of topics by soliciting feedback from hundreds of case managers and other health professionals. The roundtable discussion will feature how case managers leverage technology, including CM software applications, to improve communications with patients, automate care management workflows, promote transitions of care and reduce readmissions, promote patient engagement, and track case loads - among other research topics. The discussion will identify current implementation challenges that can create barriers to optimizing clinical outcomes and improve efficiency. Don’t miss this exciting and informative discussion.


  1. Evaluate how changes in technology use have impacted the case management process.
  2. Define the tools currently in use that can improve communication and care coordination.
  3. Describe the challenges, despite technology innovations, that interfere with improved efficiency and clinical outcomes
CEs:1 Hr RN and CCM
FREE for CMSA Members.
$40 Non-Member fee.

Garry Carneal, JD, MA:  Sponsor and Primary Researcher
Jeff Frater, BSN, RN:  HIT Infrastructure Analyst and Author
Mary Beth Newman, MSN, RN, CCM, FCM:  Clinical Content Analyst and Author
Pat Stricker, MEd, RN:  Research Analyst and Project Coordinator