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The Day Everything Changed

We have all experienced moments in our professional development that have had a profound and lasting impact on us. Rarely is there as globally shared experience as we have all faced throughout the COVID pandemic. It brought about changes in healthcare none of us could have imagined just five years ago. Faced with soaring vacancy rates among staff and the growing threat of more staff resignations, decisions needed to be made and made fast. In the span of 6 weeks Kaiser Permanente of Washington (KPWA) would shift from an in-person, inpatient model of care management to a virtual care delivery platform. Hear about the steps taken and lessons learned along the way as well as thoughts on where we are now over a year later since instituting our virtual inpatient model of care delivery.


  1. Summarize outcomes achieved through a virtual inpatient model.
  2. Quantify the multiple layers of launching an alternate care delivery platform from an infrastructure perspective.
  3. Formulate the anticipated outcomes of launching a virtual outpatient model of care delivery.


1 hr RN, CCM