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"Stop Telling Me about Self-Care!" Case Managers and Self-Care Fatigue

Our culture has become saturated with calls for self-care. Books, podcasts, and social media flood our brains with advice on sleeping, eating, exercise and mental health habits to improve our overall well-being. Nearly every professional healthcare conference has a session for participants on best practices for self-care. Yet, all too often, self-care sounds great in theory but seems close to impossible to practice. The ever-increasing demands of the healthcare industry, whether one works in-patient or out-patient, in the acute or chronic setting, can make the concept of self-care seem hollow and out of reach. With a critical eye, participants will explore the idea of self-care and how it came to prominence. Common self-care strategies will be reviewed as will their efficacy in the modern working lives of case managers. "Self-care fatigue" will be introduced as an increasingly more popular sentiment in modern culture. The presentation will unpack the healthcare delivery system and the ways in which it promotes self-care of staff while simultaneously imposing barriers that can thwart sustainable self-care practices. Participants will have the opportunity to briefly experience some self-care exercises and analyze their practicality and accessibility. Finally, there will be an opportunity to begin developing a personalized and sustainable self-care plan.


  • Define the concepts of self-care and self-care fatigue.
  • Identify ways in which self-care for case managers is hindered in the healthcare industry.
  • Evaluate self-care practices to determine their practicality and accessibility for case managers.


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Non-Members: $40

PRESENTER:  Sarah Stevenson, LICSW, NSW-C, CCM