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comMIt: Comprehensive Motivational Interviewing Training for Health Care Professionals

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Motivational interviewing is an evidenced based effective method for improving adherence to health behaviors. It was developed specifically for patients who are either ambivalent or resistant to change regarding these health behaviors.

This program is based on and extends the work by the foremost authorities of MI in healthcare, Drs. Bruce Berger and William Villaume.and their groundbreaking book, Motivational Interviewing for Health Care Professionals: A Sensible Approach, the culmination of teaching motivational interviewing to health care professionals for over 25 years. This program recognizes the unique training needs and time restraints of health care professionals. AND….it is acronym-free!!!

These 6 self-paced learning modules equal 8 hours of CE credit. Each module has a series of practice questions that allow learners to assess their understanding of the material presented and their ability to apply that material in realistic patient scenarios.

After completing a module and the practice questions in the module, learners will be pass an assessment for that module.
  • Each module’s graded assessment requires achieving a score of 70% or higher to pass that module.
  • Each module will build on the previous module.
  • The modules bookmark so you can exit the program at anytime, anywhere in the program and return to where you left off. You may review materials you have already viewed as often as you like.
  • The outline buttons within the modules allow you to hyperlink back to specific topics you would like to review.
8 CE hours for RN, SW, and CCM

  1. Explain why motivational interviewing was brought into health care from psychology.
  2. Discuss the relationship between the human brain, threat, patients who are ambivalent of resistant to behavior change and the use of motivational interviewing.
  3. Explain how sense making creates motivation for change.
  4. Explain why rapport is crucial to behavior change.
  5. Explain barriers to building trust and safety with the patient.
  6. Define criteria for effectively addressing the issue.
CMSA Member Rate:  $99
Non-Member Rate: $125
For Group Rates, download the Group Pricing document in the Program Overview section below.

  • Cancellation, Refund or Transfer requests must be submitted in writing to Requests may be honored IF purchase date is within 30 days or less AND the trainee has not begun the course training content.
  • All training content is copyrighted through Berger Consulting, LLC and shall not be repurposed without the sole approval of Dr. Bruce Berger.

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