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Explore On Demand Courses

The On-Demand Courses tab will show on-demand content available to view and/or purchase. Any new interactive courses and webinar recordings will populate here as they become available throughout the year.

Courses are divided either by Product Type or by Topic. Topics not listed can also easily be found by searching for them in the search bar. A number of complimentary courses will also be made available for viewing in UCAS. Product Bundles are also available to obtain a number of products at a discount.

Product Type

Group rate: Content can be bought for the product price x 4 (eg. $100 x 4 = $400) for up to ten participants. If you are interested in a group purchase (1-10 participants) please contact

Caption Disclaimer
CAS provides closed captioning generated by software applications for the convenience of viewers. CAS does not review for accuracy of the information that appears in a closed caption, and such information (including any foreign language translation and transcription displayed in a closed caption) may not be relied upon as an accurate or complete record of CAS programming. CAS makes no representations or warranties, and expressly disclaim any responsibility or liability with respect to, any errors or omissions in, or the accuracy, reliability, timeliness or completeness of, any information that appears in a closed caption.