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The Fire Performance of Insulated Panel Systems

About This Program

This presentation will provide a holistic view into the fundamental difference between MCM, ACM and Insulated Metal Panels. The goal is to understand how performance needs based on building types play a key role in selecting the appropriate Insulated Panel system. We will take a deep dive into fire testing to highlight the different requirements between the FM and ASTM standards. In addition this portion will cover NFPA Standards and NBCC/OBC along with IBC. The last portion of the session will focus on real fire case studies highlighting a number different building types from across the globe.

Session Takeaways

  • Explore the common misconceptions of foam panels
  • Understand why not all insulation is the same
  • Describe the science of fire, how reaction and resistance are different
  • Awareness of the amendments to building regulations

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Learning Units

CSI: 1.0 LU
*May be submitted for domain specific learning units to CDT recertification, and/or general learning units for CCCA, CCS, and CCPR.

Relevant Practices

General Project Delivery
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