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The Fire Performance of Insulated Panel Systems

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  • Brent Trenga

    Brent has truly run the construction industry gamut serving in various roles including Architect, Developer and even project owner, allowing him to fully understand the sustainability ecosystem. As Building Technology Director for Kingspan North America, Brent is committed to reducing the environmental impact of business operations, products and services through continuous improvement and environmental transparency. Since 2015 Brent has led Kingspan North America’s material health and transparency program while driving a culture of Healthier Building, Healthier Planet, Healthier People across Kingspan’s global footprint. Brent also leads Kingspan’s Planet Passionate program looking after the America’s, supports strategic planning for the business development group and provides insight on current and future sustainability initiatives keeping Kingspan at the forefront of our industry.

August 18, 2021
Wed 2:00 PM EDT

Duration 1H 0M

This live web event has ended.

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