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Lavatory Faucets

In this course you will learn:
Lavatory faucets are the jewels of the bath. They can be as finely crafted as a Tiffany setting or as intricately detailed as a Swiss watch. The lavatory faucet enables your clients to make unique design statements in each bath. Whether clients prefer a minimalist single-handle or an ornate, hand-chased model, the lavatory faucet sets the tone for the entire bath. Lavatory faucets are the high fashion of bathroom products and the reason why lavatory faucets are most often the first products specified for new bath construction and renovation projects. This course will give you the tools to confidently specify and sell bathroom faucets.

Learning Objectives:
After completing this course, participants will be able to:
  • Explain the different types of faucets on the market
  • Explain the different materials used to make faucets
  • Explain the different types of valves used in faucets
  • Review faucet styles
  • Explain lavatory drains
  • Discuss how faucets can contribute to wellness and your customers’ health and well being
  • Define appropriate terminology

A score of at least 90% is required to pass, and questions are selected from a pool and will show in random order. Participants may retake the test until they pass, and the questions will pull from the pool in random order with each retake.

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Each module within this chapter will feature pages from our education manual, as well as an assessment to test the knowledge that you have acquired. Our education manuals can be found here.